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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
i hate to be "that guy" for asking, but wtf was Obama doing for 8yrs??    09/25/18  (20)
Any countries with a more pathetic war record than the US?    09/25/18  (5)
Ford Looking for An Exit Option?    09/25/18  (37)
HAS SHE STARTED DRIVING YET???    09/25/18  (3)
ITT: We list songs on the soundtrack of Dr. Ford's cross-country drive    09/25/18  (7)
Is Gilbert a handsome/Chad name or too popular?    09/25/18  (4)
Trump at UN: *says everything right* Audience: *sneers, laughs*    09/25/18  (35)
Yale prof says Kavanaugh lied about being a virgin    09/25/18  (67)
Mitch the Turtle = underrated Senate Majority Leader    09/25/18  (6)
first night wearing makeup out (reddit)    09/25/18  (8)
Gorsuch, Kav: Early 50s, fairly healthy. Barrett: mid-40s, healthy. Libs fucked.    09/25/18  (7)
YouTube & Fbook banner ads about this movie about HS girls & guns    09/25/18  (2)
Orthodox Jews bought my grandparents home. Have let it fall into total disrepair    09/25/18  (4)
You have to be INSANE to continue practicing law after trying it out    09/25/18  (11)
"US" dems are burning everything down b/c they lost a fair election?    09/25/18  (4)
Suggestions for SAN LIBCISCO?    09/25/18  (8)
19 yo Kavanaugh's eyes narrowing as he looks at a warm apple pie    09/25/18  (1)
I want total chaos communism    09/25/18  (115)
*checks out of Holiday Inn Express to continue drive to Washington DC*    09/25/18  (4)
neutral politically, but isn't all this fair consequence of dems F'ing up 2016?    09/25/18  (4)
Citing safety concerns, Sotomayor vows to resign if Kavanaugh is confirmed    09/25/18  (2)
"welcome to my harem" (sharklasers handing out green cards to int'l students)    09/25/18  (2)
does anyone else feel like we need to seize the means of production?    09/25/18  (1)
"In your hour of need they will arrive." 'They?' "Deal Team Six--look to the sky    09/25/18  (13)
Adam Walsh's abduction was a spa day compared to what spaceporn jr will    09/25/18  (1)
why did the spaceporn "particular set of skills" thread get nuked?    09/25/18  (9)
Boxing Bros: How do you see Usyk faring at HW?    09/25/18  (1)
Ford's name disappearing from airline boarding passes from the future    09/25/18  (2)
Guess: Boom thread or XXXTENTACION song    09/25/18  (81)
POLL: odds that Ford flies to DC?    09/25/18  (2)
Kav will seem like a hippie compared to Trump's replacements for RBG & Breyer    09/25/18  (1)
Good morning, libs! How will you act as snakes and subhuman traitors today?    09/25/18  (12)
Tucker Carlson: If you're a Republican, you may be wondering why should I bother    09/25/18  (23)
Ford demanding "luxury blimp" accommodations    09/25/18  (1)
ITT: you post the PERCENTAGE CHANCE u think Kavanaugh is confirmed, NOTHING ELSE    09/25/18  (46)
LJL, bro from my hockey team is dating blonde twins    09/25/18  (1)
House of Reps having 435 person meth orgy while all focus on Senate    09/25/18  (1)
Jews, did you really want FOUR Supreme Court Justices? On the real.    09/25/18  (16)
Reminder: only genetic trash is immune from raep hysteria    09/25/18  (5)
Has Ramirez DESCRIBED Kavanaugh's cock?    09/25/18  (2)
How cucked does Renate Schroeder Dolphin's husband feel this morning?    09/25/18  (17)
having dinner with my ex tomorrow. mistake?    09/25/18  (10)
Reminder: Kavanaugh was part of the team that tried to bring down Clinton    09/25/18  (57)
Has Dr. Ford started driving to D.C. yet?    09/25/18  (4)
{Devil Trap V}    09/25/18  (1)
100% pure aryan North Indian white nationalists (me, PN, askav, TBF, Harrison)    09/25/18  (5)
new schtick, literally just bump hojrasko posts.    09/25/18  (3)
do women care how TALL a man is?    09/25/18  (8)
That Kav was in a frat at all is enough to disqualify him.    09/25/18  (12)
You're all disgusting degenerates and deserve to die in a 10-car pileup explosio    09/25/18  (3)
The Devil has won    09/25/18  (14)
Rate this cartoon about Spaceporn's fathering.    09/25/18  (1)
Warning: ios 12 has a bug that will drive poasters crazy    09/25/18  (2)
sorry if I got a little handsy last night haha. Im a virgin btw    09/25/18  (2)
I still feel that what will probably wipe out humanity is another super disease    09/25/18  (10)
Just saw a pic of beto, such flame that he is masquerading as a mexican    09/25/18  (1)
I constantly read HojRakso as HojRasko    09/25/18  (1)
Video of reporters hounding Murkowski about Kavanaugh    09/25/18  (1)
Girl Kav banged in high school is pissed he made fun of her in his yearbook    09/25/18  (40)
jung tp is, dare I say, a nigger    09/25/18  (7)
alt universe where we used jews to sniff for mines in Vietnam instead of dogs    09/25/18  (3)
If Avenatti succeeds in sinking Kav he's the presumptive 2020 Dem nominee right?    09/25/18  (2)
HojRasko carrying scholarship's rotting corpse to biglaw every day in baby carri    09/25/18  (27)
"What protein would you like in the quinoa bowl?" "Cum." (Bloodacre)    09/25/18  (4)
kavanaugh is just like that dweeby creep from that dragon show    09/25/18  (1)
Dad's company being bought out - any tips to protect himself/leverage a better s    09/25/18  (35)
boner police went to the mountains to train burst IQ, came back drooling retard    09/25/18  (4)
*In Cartman's voice* "MAAAHM, BLOODACRE IS BEING GLIB AGAIN!"    09/25/18  (3)
Colonizers were alpha as fuck    09/25/18  (2)
Cr to spend xmas week in Paris?    09/25/18  (8)
Must have been crazy to live in Europe during the Black Death    09/25/18  (7)
SUMMON: TMF and MND    09/25/18  (40)
RSF TAKING QS FOR 50 minutes and 50 minutes ONLY    09/25/18  (81)
Trump: "Citizens of countries have a right to self-determination" UN: "BOO HISS"    09/25/18  (9)
Hilarious that a Supreme Court nomination is coming down to high school crap    09/25/18  (8)
MAGADETH - Holy Wars (180 Trump vid)    09/25/18  (3)
Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Cutting Brett Kavanaughs Penis Off If Hes Confirmed    09/25/18  (15)
If she doesn't show, they should vote in Committee Thursday, and floor Friday    09/25/18  (1)
can't Kavanaugh get one of his frat bros to testify they were fucking on that ni    09/25/18  (1)
NFL pwning in tv ratings    09/25/18  (5)
Bert Kavanaugh's bama bangs    09/25/18  (4)
LaMarcus is my young twink boyfriend with whom I role-play Batman & Robin    09/25/18  (9)
RAGNUS, describe your boxing workouts ITT    09/25/18  (1)
Twitch.tv live GPS map of Blasey-Ford's road trip. Gonna comment and give coins    09/25/18  (1)
Trump at UN: "We reject globalism and we embrace patriotism"    09/25/18  (13)
Avenatti: might client may or may not testify. Goodbye!    09/25/18  (9)
LOL just booked ALGERIA flight    09/25/18  (66)
How do you dress well as a poor    09/25/18  (35)
In all this mess, everyone is missing out on an IRL dolphin married to a hs cum    09/25/18  (1)
'bigtech' is a bunch of verbose quora indians that want to control your life    09/25/18  (8)
ITT - What is the settlement value of my case?    09/25/18  (43)
WTF? 43 yo Shawn Rhoden beats Phil Heath to win Mr. Clothmo 2018    09/25/18  (1)
college erases history of gold rush bc of Native American concerns    09/25/18  (1)
Is an EMBA worth it if your employer pays for most of it    09/25/18  (29)
Fourth accuser being revealed Thursday    09/25/18  (4)
Kavanaugh: "I look forward to facing my big titted accuser in the senate"    09/25/18  (3)
sad for the popular jocks who were VICTIMS in high school    09/25/18  (3)
Yale classmate: 18yo Kavanaugh falsely claimed he had a GF in another state    09/25/18  (12)
The Trump shoot someone on Fifth Avenue quote is so true for libs    09/25/18  (7)
David Lynch admits Frank Booth was based on Kavanaugh    09/25/18  (2)
Kavanaugh fraternity brother David Hogg recalls witnessing Kav lose virginity    09/25/18  (6)
Jason Witten decries libs.    09/25/18  (8)
Avenatti's "third accuser" is Stormy Daniels?    09/25/18  (2)
/*\/*\/*\/*\ AVENATTI HAS PROOF KAVANAUGH POSTED ON RACIST LAW BORT /*\/*\/*\/*\    09/25/18  (4)
Daytona Beach Spring Break 85, Kav in mullet swinging dick around like helicopt    09/25/18  (1)
#ConfirmKavanaugh #RepealThe19th    09/25/18  (1)
Was Kavanaugh even Skull & Bones at Yale?    09/25/18  (2)
Why are all these twitter libs claiming that Kavanaugh "lied" in his hearing?    09/25/18  (4)
Avenatti: "Stay Cool" means Deny, Deny, Deny    09/25/18  (1)
Avenatti turned his twitter private    09/25/18  (20)
Cnn Headline "Trump: We only give foreign aid to 'those who respect us'"    09/25/18  (1)
These spook faggots got me on a FISA warrant. Fucking up my background checks    09/25/18  (1)
ONE|WEIRD|TRICK Attend Rhodes College, callself RHODES SCHOLAR    09/25/18  (1)
im 7 years old what is this place    09/25/18  (7)
New accuser: "Kavanaugh shouted 'When moon?', shoved his naked buttocks in my fa    09/25/18  (3)
Tucker: "But I called him Creepy Porn Lawyer. How is he still attacking Trump?"    09/25/18  (3)
Economist: Europe should focus on its growing interdependence w/Africa (link)    09/25/18  (1)
We Are Living Nineteen Eighty-Four    09/25/18  (11)
How did the 180 funny jshad morph into the 145 assfaggot    09/25/18  (15)
student loans are predatory debt slavery perpetuated buy self-important Boomers    09/25/18  (12)
Woman loses 128 lbs. but not an ounce from her face.    09/25/18  (1)
Bros, it's me again (Kavanaugh)    09/25/18  (7)
caught an elderly lady who almost wiped out doing wheelie in mobility scooter    09/25/18  (1)
Trump joins UN Global Compact for Migration; "We must be more open & humble"    09/25/18  (14)
Kav saga at least has uncucked a lot of nevertrump GOPers    09/25/18  (1)
This is an unbelievably embarrassing week for Georgetown Prep    09/25/18  (35)
So, are people actually getting PSLF forgiveness?    09/25/18  (9)
reminder spaceporn is going to sue everyone    09/25/18  (4)
Male dem politicians haven't really been the ones piling on Kav. Odd case.    09/25/18  (3)
Donny, consider this a cease and desist. Although i was clear in the past i am r    09/25/18  (68)
Kavanaugh was an early proponent of the 'incel' movement ;unfit for office    09/25/18  (1)
We Believe Survivors* *besides the lying SA Farmers and groomed British Girls    09/25/18  (8)
China takes out full page ad in Iowa's largest newspaper to bash Trump (link)    09/25/18  (1)
ITT we list the all-time season one to season two dropoffs    09/25/18  (40)
Dems, looking over smoking remains of the US Senate's reputation ...    09/25/18  (1)
Wife fought me on thermostat. "You don't pay the electric bill every month!"    09/25/18  (21)
Whats stopping you from going solo?    09/25/18  (4)
The history of Byzantium is sad. Just slow, painful retreat into Constantinople    09/25/18  (72)
Jay Z 'opening lines to big pimpin were inspired by Kavanaugh'    09/25/18  (1)
/*\ ROSENSTEIN RESIGNS /*\    09/25/18  (100)
Avenatti & CSLG LLP    09/25/18  (1)
HELP: My Gender-Curious Son Saw the Trans Porn I Jerked Off To    09/25/18  (30)
Kavanaugh: I am a demisexual aromantic    09/25/18  (4)
How mortified would Henry Ford be to see the "Ford Foundation" in 2018?    09/25/18  (1)
LOL, Avenatti just made his twitter account private    09/25/18  (1)
At the DMV. Lol @ blacks.    09/25/18  (5)
"Didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay."    09/25/18  (1)
Can we poast some good paintings itt? (pic)    09/25/18  (70)

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