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STICKY: New account requests   04/24/18  (205)
Fox & Friends shuts down interview as UNHINGED Trump starts ranting abt Mueller.    04/27/18  (9)
Giants just took the mantle from the Browns for the most IDIOTIC NFL franchise    04/27/18  (1)
This is how you fuck a 5.5 for normal guys    04/27/18  (36)
ITT a chick who RUINED HERSELF with FAKE LIPS, TATS    04/27/18  (20)
Deleting Facebook: best move ever    04/27/18  (30)
im gonna start pissing into a bag again    04/27/18  (1)
luis fully nude in his 500 sq ft 1 br Sunnyvale apartment ($2850/mo    04/27/18  (15)
What's the xo consensus on leasing vs buying a car    04/27/18  (1)
Tilted Kilt watress DOESN'T believe my DICK DRUNK stripper story, DEMANDS PROOFS    04/27/18  (2)
Drove TOYOTA TUNDRA into some fag's Audi. Audi: - 2 doors, Tandra: tiny scratch    04/27/18  (1)
Junkies Take Over Corridors Of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station    04/27/18  (20)
baby gonzalez is going to fill my birthday piata with pickle juice    04/27/18  (1)
phone is starting to shit the bed. what should i get faggots?    04/27/18  (20)
Got a stripper DICK DRUNK, did not pay, got "please text me, please"    04/27/18  (30)
Move over baby goldstein because BABY GONZALEZ is in the house homey    04/27/18  (1)
I LEAVE YOU WITH THIS TONIGHT BROTHERS (I expect many bumps)    04/27/18  (5)
Baby Goldsteins first law teen mixer    04/27/18  (46)
was watching a "faces of meth" timemorph video and thought to myself    04/27/18  (1)
No real complaints of my GF but she does one thing    04/27/18  (18)
NEW SLAVES    04/27/18  (3)
Kim Jong Un looked alpha today    04/27/18  (12)
Just realized I don't enjoy any material possessions except tech    04/27/18  (11)
peterman covering his fulda gap in response to russian nuclear brinksmanship    04/27/18  (3)
Should I break up with GF so I can be single for summer???    04/27/18  (12)
My gf says the only dude she's fucked with bigger cock    04/27/18  (35)
If Comey recorded classified info in a "personal" memo isn't that a leak?    04/27/18  (15)
anyone have nudes of peterman?    04/27/18  (1)
How a Philly Cheesesteak Destroyed America [VICE]    04/27/18  (45)
any functional programmingmos on this bort    04/27/18  (3)
I AMA GOD    04/27/18  (2)
So Kim Jong-un will likely end up with a Nobel Peace Prize.    04/27/18  (2)
the incentives are not aligned    04/27/18  (1)
both my dads are anime furry shemales    04/27/18  (11)
That diaper really tied the room together    04/27/18  (12)
going pumo, this place is way too mentally ill lately    04/27/18  (15)
Keep hearing spin rat fuck in my head all day    04/27/18  (16)
Is Jamarcus Russell tp = boom?    04/27/18  (2)
BOUND 2    04/27/18  (1)
where did every1 go    04/27/18  (1)
:D do U eat pebbles like birds to break apart the berries &nuts    04/27/18  (5)
Reminder money and fame no longer has any value    04/27/18  (3)
lmao TSINAH is a My Masters shrew because Chinese blew him the fuck out of grad    04/27/18  (12)
white mice slanty eyed gooks and chinks    04/27/18  (1)
Dutch invention cleaning up ocean plastic    04/27/18  (2)
GUILT TRIP    04/27/18  (1)
jane hoya are u excited about pool season    04/27/18  (9)
Ben Rhodes EVISCERATES Trump on North Korea (link)    04/27/18  (1)
HOLD MY LIQUOR    04/27/18  (1)
daily reminder: boomers = SHIT    04/27/18  (2)
Redfin: two bedroom on 3 acres in San Diego for less than 500k    04/27/18  (1)
fuck it watching peep show    04/27/18  (12)
Rate these mexicans hop the border. Trump's wall wont stop us.    04/27/18  (1)
yeezus is a fucking lit album    04/27/18  (1)
ohnoes, let's talk keyboards    04/27/18  (6)
Wednesday is a huge day for lots of women to do cocaine in the office    04/27/18  (26)
not an 'nfl guy', smart 2 draft undersized qb who's never played in prostyle sys    04/27/18  (4)
gc doctor pointing $cript cannon ur way, total fraud$, big pharma $$$    04/27/18  (2)
If I could redo life, I would have become a veterinarian    04/27/18  (12)
Ironside Spamming His Resume To Ibay Law Firm 3x Day    04/27/18  (8)
Just finished Red Plenty (8 total in April) Taking ?s (CharlesXII)    04/27/18  (5)
You guys have no idea how bad the homeless problem is in SoCal    04/27/18  (30)
Enjoy dementia    04/27/18  (7)
Had a moment of clarity today    04/27/18  (3)
Almost 1 year into NO GAMING    04/27/18  (7)
And with the 11321st pick in the us militar draft we select even39    04/27/18  (1)
Rate this shitlawyer    04/27/18  (91)
Why are messenger bags seen as cooler than backpacks?    04/27/18  (11)
Just call it cheat. Cheatmo as a verb sounds stupid as fuck. Hth    04/27/18  (35)
Been awake for last 72 hours coding a luis boyfriend dating simulator    04/27/18  (18)
After the Jamarcus russell pick that shouldve ended the draft    04/27/18  (1)
So those jurors just got rocks off now back to their pathetic lives?    04/27/18  (3)
Josh_Allen tweeting about toxic effects of cross-country relocation for GC job.    04/27/18  (4)
If I could redo life, I would have become a vegetarian    04/27/18  (1)
damn daddy sucking my dick like he's playing sax solo in Baker Street    04/27/18  (8)
"You replied to a thread titled 'Gonna killself; taking q's' with 'ljl do it fag    04/27/18  (1)
TOM BROKAW gets #MeToo'd for ATTEMPTED KISSING (link)    04/27/18  (17)
Boomers with gout shocked when I told them eating meat causes gout    04/27/18  (1)
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN    04/27/18  (56)
Americans should be forced to eat faces and drink urine the wasteful bastards    04/27/18  (1)
America's two existential "holy wars" were won by the tolerant, shitlib side    04/27/18  (1)
Sim glitch: Courtney Stodden marrying an Asian    04/27/18  (2)
Chris Hayes: Kaepernick not being signed = worst violation of free speech in USA    04/27/18  (1)
Cosby verdict must be overturned! Those loser jurors arent his peer    04/27/18  (1)
hehe NIGGER    04/27/18  (1)
it's just one of those THREADS (limp bizkit)    04/27/18  (19)
Bill Cosby dead! Found hanging from his cell    04/27/18  (3)
   04/27/18  (1)
Is being a professor super chill?    04/27/18  (7)
retarded hapa pumo should seriously consider buying an exit bag    04/27/18  (16)
Golden retriever pulls miscarriage out of toilet and revives it    04/27/18  (1)
Reminder: even a SINGLE unwanted kiss can now be construed as sexual assault &    04/27/18  (3)
XO's foremost incel scholar here, taking questions (DTP)    04/27/18  (37)
America ruins And Kills yet another American icon bill cosby    04/27/18  (2)
Get your free gun! Drawings every day for a month    04/27/18  (3)
Golden retriever pulls officer's baby from burning car, gets shot 26 times    04/27/18  (1)
Cliffs on this TSINAH thing?    04/27/18  (7)
Peterman: don't waste money on law school!    04/27/18  (14)
tech is the only safe bet these days rite?    04/27/18  (2)
Nobel Committee: since NK never attacked, there's no "peace" to reward Trump for    04/27/18  (6)
Adult Swim doesn't even show World Peace on it's website- and they show EVERYTHI    04/27/18  (1)
ARE Reptile, spaceporn & obeezy playing russian roulette with a semi automat    04/27/18  (3)
Koreans are the best Asians. Followed by Japanese    04/27/18  (5)
This penguin commands a military unit. You?    04/27/18  (18)
Does everyone jizz themselves the first time they connect AirPods?    04/27/18  (1)
Your Sony A6000 next to iPhone X next to Airpods next to MacBook Pro next to    04/27/18  (8)
kanye retweets Boom holy shit 18000000 (link)    04/27/18  (5)
*Bluesmoke bursts into thread* IMNOT LIKE THOSE NIGGERS DID YOU KNOW THAT?!    04/27/18  (1)
LMAO at that faggot bitch tsinah retiring    04/27/18  (13)
Ken Bone returns to the news cycle    04/27/18  (19)
if (when) my current relationship fails, i think i'm going to volcel    04/27/18  (1)
20 year old recruits holding down nyuug and beating him w bars of soap    04/27/18  (3)
Anyone else watch Worth It on BuzzFeed?    04/27/18  (1)
Immigration should be more like recruitment    04/27/18  (53)
how do i profit from the effeminacy and stupidity of this generation?    04/27/18  (11)
Am I getting drunk? Hell yes I am    04/27/18  (4)
i find myself laughing several times daily from spin rat fucks    04/27/18  (1)
so everyone knows kanyeezy is marketing a new album right?    04/27/18  (10)
Megan McArdle says digitial journalism is a house of cards with dumb VC $ subsid    04/27/18  (7)
Wall mart is easy as fuck to swipe shit from    04/27/18  (9)
CAN WE GET MUCH HIGHER?!?!    04/27/18  (2)
The goys are eating up this Kanye shit    04/27/18  (7)
porn slut jonni hennessy - nsfw    04/27/18  (4)
Girl I'm dating refused to pull up at the fast food window- ding?    04/27/18  (25)
Damn, the VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS may win the Stanley Cup    04/27/18  (6)
Apparently Engineer/STEM shortage is a myth created to lower wages    04/27/18  (47)
kanye west doesn't care about black people    04/27/18  (1)
Rate this reporting by HuffPost's Washington bureau chief    04/27/18  (4)
Just put in an offer on a house...    04/27/18  (32)
Check out these penguins walking to work in the morning    04/27/18  (10)
Guy living in a First World country, taking questions ITT.    04/27/18  (277)
consider we live under a constant sword of damocles bc of nukes    04/27/18  (11)
the original night stalker could have been a masterful city planner in antiquity    04/27/18  (1)
My most golden of state killers    04/27/18  (4)
gremlin germs responsible for mass autism in inner city breeding-swamps (link)    04/27/18  (1)
gremlin claws|grey-green skin|pointy dagger-like ears|appetite for destruction    04/27/18  (9)
pitbull attacks chinese escalator and gets eaten alive (liveleak)    04/27/18  (4)
Only 300 strzok page texts handed to congress from critical period,rest missing?    04/27/18  (15)
What percentage of Biglaw doods are physically intimidating?    04/27/18  (8)
b4 the ballet, big dog never tells me if we're going 2 be watching or dancing    04/27/18  (9)
if strangers ever offer you "tea" it's drugged & they are serial killers    04/27/18  (1)
girl, we can't get much better    04/27/18  (1)
Bartender here just got a girl's#    04/27/18  (7)
*first 3 poas in this thread get to play beer pong with me*    04/27/18  (3)
When its apparent youre failing colossally, best to walk away or keep going?    04/27/18  (9)
TSINAH is off fuming somewhere, planning how to out us all    04/27/18  (1)
Huh? Did the Cleveland Browns miss the Rose Bowl?    04/27/18  (1)
Bill Cosby found guilty on all 3 counts    04/27/18  (64)
Candidate for Governor is apparently 200k in debt. Thoughts? America done here?    04/27/18  (31)
***should BACKSPACE tp return to XO? (started gremlin meme)*****    04/27/18  (13)

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