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Post your favorite all time video game and I'll tell you why it sucks    08/16/17  (175)
Black Girl w Shit GPA at OCI Demanding To Know What WE Are Doing About Diversity    08/13/17  (158)
Reminder: Blacks don't feel guilt like whites do about anything    08/14/17  (144)
Rate this college girls weight gain (pics)    08/12/17  (113)
Just had gay sex (bottom) in a Jimmy John's men's room, taking ?s    08/11/17  (103)
Anybody ever read biglaw partner divorce trial transcripts for the lolz?    08/16/17  (89)
Lol at people w obscure engineering degrees like "civil" interviewing for patent    08/12/17  (80)
Example of white/asian privilege    08/09/17  (63)
Check out this Chad tinder shit. Women are completely done here now (pic)    08/10/17  (58)
In Orange county, whites and Mexicans get along well    08/13/17  (52)
cville thing has made XO an island of crazy in sea of a different kind of crazy.    08/14/17  (51)
Help me pick a European escort for my London trip (NSFW)    08/15/17  (50)
Supreme CUCK Paul Ryan condemns Charlottesville marchers    08/12/17  (47)
Harrison Barnes on the transformation of a lawyer    08/11/17  (38)
Prestigious and Prole Surnames from various ethnicities?    08/14/17  (37)
How do I explain Charlottesville to my son?    08/15/17  (36)
NFL and CFB seasons are going to be absolute shit shows with blacks protesting    08/15/17  (35)
Dodge killer like case of voluntary manslaughter, no terrorism?    08/15/17  (35)
Jeopardy clues about XOXO POASTERS    08/11/17  (33)
How did we get to this point?    08/16/17  (32)
nerdy teen girl gets makeover, looks stunning in a bikini wow (pics)    08/12/17  (31)
Former LSAT instructors - tell stories about how much some people STRUGGLED    08/16/17  (30)
Holy shit at this HS cheer camp slip n slide video (link)    08/16/17  (28)
ITT list slang created by white folks    08/11/17  (27)
33 year old white teacher get pregnant by 14 year old black football star    08/14/17  (26)
How much can you negotiate on in-house salary if you don't need to leave firm?    08/15/17  (25)
Sexual market imbalance is the #1 societal fault line ripe for alt-right to expl    08/14/17  (24)
By the alt-right's logic we should build statues for those destroying statues    08/15/17  (23)
What are girls who went to Wellesley like?    08/14/17  (23)
POLL: would u hire someone convicted of soliciting a prostitute?    08/11/17  (23)
Women dropping their fat cuck husbands off at Buffalo Wild Wings adult daycare    08/11/17  (22)
Why is the media making a bigger deal of this than the Dallas guy killing cops?    08/15/17  (20)
it's mostly white girls who think height is the most important attribute in a ma    08/14/17  (20)
explain "heartiste"    08/11/17  (20)
LOL CNN - FAKE NEWS on Google protests    08/16/17  (19)
Friends wife routinely takes off for months at a time to "visit family"    08/15/17  (19)
Madden 2018 lets you loot white neighborhoods for reparations (link)    08/15/17  (18)
Xoxo is really full of retards now    08/14/17  (18)
Real talk: I hate government workers with a passion    08/13/17  (18)
SJW culture alive and well in the world of young adult novels:    08/10/17  (18)
Just got a Samsung galaxy J7 for less than $300 lol at iPhone havers    08/12/17  (15)
Living on the beach would suck. The waves are noisy as hell    08/13/17  (14)
A Warning on Crypto Markets    08/12/17  (14)
basically most California government workers earn !00k+    08/11/17  (14)
my 73 yo FB clearly sums up the problem with REAL ESTATE in SoCal    08/10/17  (14)
Why doesn't anyone talk about Jordan Peterson's strange lisp/accent?    08/10/17  (14)
Pranked my wife by putting on her panties & bra and getting a boner and masturba    08/11/17  (14)
Why do most smart people look dumb    08/16/17  (13)
Even "smart" women only have knowledge of trash pop culture    08/10/17  (13)
Holy fuck america is done here    08/15/17  (12)
Shitpit asking Golden Retriever about firm commitment to diversity    08/14/17  (12)
Libs only care about getting rid of grades/tests b/c of URMs. True?    08/12/17  (12)
Getting my car washed by the girls HS soccer team right now    08/12/17  (12)
ljl dopey trump considering military action in venezuela    08/11/17  (12)
Our economy still sucks. Lots of jobs but part-time or low wage    08/11/17  (12)
Media will shut down all "comments" soon    08/10/17  (12)
evan39 why do you think i make pumos go crazy and mad and come up with theories?    08/10/17  (12)
Is jerking off with another guy (no touching) considered "gay"?    08/15/17  (11)
Best RANCID lyrics for office email signature?    08/13/17  (11)
Are taboos like race/iq, sex differences, etc. third rails b/c they're true?    08/12/17  (11)
Worth it to go to a LA chargers preseason game?    08/10/17  (11)
Lol at everyone being sooo crabby in the mornings. People dont get enough sleep    08/10/17  (11)
Why don't more people shoplift?    08/09/17  (11)
Why were painters unable to make realistic looking paintings until recently?    08/16/17  (10)
Likelihood that Cory Booker is actually straight?    08/15/17  (10)
all non-btc cryptos are overhyped trash, including ETH    08/14/17  (10)
iPhone 6+ broke. Should I get an LG smartphone or Samsung?    08/12/17  (10)
Why do proles need these Monster energy drinks so much?    08/11/17  (10)
Reading the Communist manifesto. Specifically mentions lawyer wagecuckery.    08/10/17  (10)
Idea: Advertise free Pearl Jam concert then gun down thousands of Gen Xers    08/14/17  (9)
Any other chads here notice married broads actively hide their wedding rings    08/12/17  (9)
what's better for progeny - a low IQ hot bimbo or an Overweight high IQ girl    08/11/17  (9)
Why is it so hard to eat a healthy breakfast    08/09/17  (9)
Pretty frightening that military won't follow trump's orders    08/16/17  (8)
STICKY: NiggerFaggot    08/16/17  (8)
So 1 death = national news for days? Hmm    08/16/17  (8)
Would you date this black woman NSFW    08/14/17  (8)
Will blacks provide affirmative action if they become the rulers    08/13/17  (8)
Do kids of law school alumni get legacy preference for UG admissions?    08/13/17  (8)
Are there different interpretations of the bible or is it just one?    08/13/17  (8)
Los angeles jews paid actors to create the Charlottesville riots    08/13/17  (8)
Worse bloodbath on UVa campus this Aug: Race riots or OCI?    08/12/17  (8)
Great long read on globalist ruling class    08/11/17  (8)
Most women are fat. Even tall ripped Chads have fat dumpy girlfriends    08/11/17  (8)
Lifehack: get a big gulp cup at 7/11 and fill it with nacho cheese    08/15/17  (7)
Has Peterman ever intentionally made a funny post?    08/16/17  (7)
When you apply to in-house jobs, do the companies rat you out to your firm?    08/15/17  (7)
Liberals are more educated than conservatives but the latter is wealthier. WHY    08/14/17  (7)
BIGLAW golden retriever sniffing your ass at OCI    08/14/17  (7)
Is it weird I am attracted to light skinned black girls    08/13/17  (7)
how did gypsies get so much white DNA?    08/13/17  (7)
Boner- you are always chiming in on career threads, "should I.." threads    08/13/17  (7)
Goyim love eating soup out of a bread bowl. No matter the price    08/13/17  (7)
getting employment really depends on whether ppl like you    08/11/17  (7)
POLL: how much of the time do you spend on the phone at work?    08/11/17  (7)
We trained Korean crows to jam NK artillery with sticks & moss    08/11/17  (7)
Mount Holyoke bans pepper spray jfc libs    08/09/17  (7)
Honestly having no friends would be 180 because you'd never have to help move    08/16/17  (6)
Hey guys I have this hot investment tip *eats Chocolate lab* send me your emails    08/16/17  (6)
who on xo can do the best civil war analysis    08/16/17  (6)
lol at Trump using the socratic method to pwn lib "journalists"    08/15/17  (6)
Lmao @ CNN headline: TRUMP BLAMES BOTH SIDES, AGAIN    08/15/17  (6)
Peterman proving the haters wrong again after giving birth to a 9 lb. butt baby    08/15/17  (6)
Has a Jew ever died in a tornado? I doubt it    08/15/17  (6)
Are Muslims/alt-right bros worried about the future of driverless cars?    08/14/17  (6)
I'm OK with student debt forgiveness IF college-foregoers are paid 50k as well.    08/13/17  (6)
The day I quit xoxo    08/13/17  (6)
There is far more black on white violence than white on black    08/13/17  (6)
I need a laptop. What kind should i get that's good and affordable?    08/12/17  (6)
Woodstock 99 riots were the dawn of a new age for America. Chaos rape & arson    08/15/17  (6)
Ethiopia and Serbia are both landlocked Orthodox Christian countries that lost    08/11/17  (6)
harvard students DESTROYED in this groundbreaking study:    08/10/17  (6)
ACR claims he earns 175,000 his second year out of college    08/09/17  (6)
state of the union of autoadmit?    08/09/17  (6)
study: let's all kill ourselves    08/16/17  (5)
Women are incapable of self reflection and grasping analytical philosophy    08/16/17  (5)
Women don't care about cock size for long-term relationships.    08/13/17  (5)
cargo cults are actually 180.    08/14/17  (5)
how does XO compare to the countries on this map? (pic)    08/12/17  (5)
PiG-turion platinum lounge-only 4 posters who rec'd 999999999's frm LORD Halford    08/13/17  (5)
Oh great the thousandaire prole goy crypto posters are here    08/10/17  (5)
STICKY: let's all kill ourselves    08/16/17  (4)
crypto thread = warsaw ghetto    08/16/17  (4)
Shitlibs ignore distinction between Friday night and Saturday in Charlottesville    08/15/17  (4)
Shitlibs - DOXX all people who marched with violent Nazi's with torches    08/15/17  (4)
NBA has a diversity officer!    08/14/17  (4)
AssFaggot 180    08/13/17  (4)
Marshawn Lynch sat during the anthem. CAC bullshit to be on full display    08/13/17  (4)
What's going on in Charlottesville Virginia    08/12/17  (4)
this board has really become a shithole, yet I enjoy it just as much.    08/12/17  (4)
civilization is a form of benevolent slavery.    08/12/17  (4)
nootropics accelerate male pattern baldness. women, explain.    08/12/17  (4)
Protip: Soak your shoes in rubbing alcohol every night    08/11/17  (4)
All this "nonbinary" "genderqueer" made up BS is due to normalizing gays    08/10/17  (4)
NYT: let's all kill ourselves    08/16/17  (3)
Crypto is NIGGER u wanna sticky that?    08/16/17  (3)
if the charlottesville bro had a truck he could have rolled coal and disappeared    08/16/17  (3)
Ljl at North Korea $pending billions on nukes, and 1 guy in a car upstages them    08/15/17  (3)
been telling my adopted kid he's hispanic    08/15/17  (3)
Had a good day? Here's some bad news from far away to make u miserable (2017)    08/15/17  (3)
Libs you might want to rethink the whole self driven car thing now    08/15/17  (3)
Why should we read the Iliad and the Odyssey? Or Aeschylus' Tragedies?    08/14/17  (3)
Golden retriever doesn't want to work at Spayedfarth Shaw    08/14/17  (3)
BIGLAW English Setter going on point when he sees a typo    08/14/17  (3)
PROTIP: pretend you're living in a fantasy novel depicting a decadent society.    08/13/17  (3)
autist here. it's weird to me that other people don't memorize stats and facts.    08/13/17  (3)
your future wife, working on her rpg maker game about killing god    08/13/17  (3)
this episode of "in living color" is INCREDIBLY xo:    08/13/17  (3)
"Shift my Overton window, daddy!" mewled Earl as he was raped at knifepoint    08/13/17  (3)
rate this pic of millenial punching baby boomer at Charlottesville    08/13/17  (3)