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Rate my wifes mental illness    03/23/18  (246)
LMAO at shortquotemo    03/23/18  (134)
Pic of a perfectly pretty face.    03/23/18  (100)
American men are the fattest in the world, study shows    03/23/18  (98)
ITT: POAST you SINGLE FAVORITE Hotel in the world    03/23/18  (90)
Prior to the sexual revolution society was custom built so dudes like Charles    03/22/18  (67)
Airbnb hosts can kick you out after youve checked in hehe - LMAO fuck this co    03/23/18  (66)
1 in 7 white households have $1M net worth. U post    03/23/18  (64)
Girl COMMAND I accept naked pics from her (PIC)    03/23/18  (63)
Are there any EARLY WARNING SIGNS of BAD WIVES???    03/23/18  (56)
Christianity is for mentally ill retards    03/23/18  (55)
MALE birth control pill that SLASHES TESTOSTERONE LEVELS about to come out    03/23/18  (54)
Tip for those wanted to get laid via dating apps (peterman)    03/23/18  (54)
Retiring,    03/23/18  (51)
Ragnus, rate this 30 y/o Fob Asian girl I've been talking to (DTP)    03/23/18  (51)
Honestly shortqtmo is a good person, but this slack shit is weird    03/23/18  (49)
Name ONE person who has had a better life than Trump in since 1900 - I dare you    03/23/18  (49)
Reminder: Austin terrorist was - yet again - an alt right extremist    03/22/18  (47)
Hapa gook pumette is the shining example of why you shouldnt race mix    03/23/18  (42)
libs pushing for Zuck to resign now    03/23/18  (42)
DBG: I challenge you to a boxing match. Loser leaves the board forever    03/23/18  (35)
Watchmen, this lawman-bloodacre feud has gone on too long    03/23/18  (33)
CitiGroup to require clients/partners to stop selling guns to <21 yo (link)    03/22/18  (33)
I'm late 20s Asian & look old as shit. Whites can u describe ur decay? (DTP    03/23/18  (32)
woman in elevator asked if my pit bull bites. I said "its very fucking violent"    03/23/18  (32)
I'm 35, wealthy, a doctor but in a place I hate. Give me advice.    03/22/18  (32)
John FUCKING Bolton?    03/22/18  (32)
Who knew electing a literal retarded person carried risk? IRAN WAR IMMINENT    03/23/18  (32)
Wall won't get done without MAJOR legislation from congress    03/23/18  (31)
How mad are NOWAG pumos about PP CONFIRMED BIGCOCK?    03/22/18  (31)
Going to QUIT alcohol for at least a month starting Monday. CR?    03/23/18  (30)
Thinking about quitting my job to play video games all day    03/23/18  (30)
Dropbox up 40% on first day of trading    03/23/18  (29)
Short Quotemo is 180. (((Chandler))) is fucking garbage and should be banned    03/23/18  (29)
Rate my long term GF's mental illness    03/22/18  (29)
RATE the body on this MILF    03/22/18  (29)
shoud I fuck my very good friend's girl?    03/23/18  (28)
so it turns out lawman8 wasn't acting like a total nutcase after all?    03/23/18  (28)
j shad and assfaggot have a secret gay suicide slack and lie about it here    03/23/18  (28)
Men's looks peak at 20-25. How many of you guys look old as fuck? (DTP)    03/23/18  (28)
me and tmf letting our pit bulls loose in ur kid's daycare    03/23/18  (27)
Real talk: Blacks age exceptionally well if thin    03/23/18  (26)
Trunp to announce veto of budget at 1:05pm    03/23/18  (25)
Let's discuss the role of eunuchs in historical empires    03/23/18  (25)
So basically this board would become 200x better if RSF, DBG, and nyuug all left    03/23/18  (25)
Green-haired SJW coworker actually trying to get me fired after rejection    03/22/18  (25)
Anyone who knows what "Arkan" is is mentally ill    03/23/18  (25)
Why are So Many People in Brazil So "Off" Looking    03/23/18  (24)
If i have a son w a white woman, im afraid he will be mentally ill    03/22/18  (24)
You know Germans fucking hate Hitler, right?    03/23/18  (23)