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Cheap sex has ruined our culture    01/19/18  (82)
Just woke up why is #ReleaseTheMemo trending    01/19/18  (79)
Why is there no modern Jack the Ripper?    01/18/18  (69)
"Account Suspended" *opens new tab* *reflexively goes to XO* "Account Suspended"    01/19/18  (63)
PN off his meds and acting fucking PSYCHOTIC again    01/19/18  (61)
i thought lawman8 was my friend    01/19/18  (59)
Anyone else listen to Pod Save America?    01/19/18  (57)
Second Penn Law Student Kills Self    01/19/18  (52)
Kid-havers Poll: how much money, if any, are you putting in a 529 every month    01/18/18  (48)
It's probably hopeless, but should I tell The Girl that I like her? (evan39)    01/19/18  (48)
NYUUG's Take On XOXO BEEFS:    01/19/18  (47)
Imagine being 40 and having to lie and cover up about being from NJ    01/18/18  (46)
Giving life advice ITT    01/18/18  (41)
RATE this epic "haha" text I got after my first date with a college sophomore    01/19/18  (39)
community account for whoever was asking for one on reddit    01/18/18  (39)
Not flame. RSFs receptionist told me he was OF COUNSEL!!!    01/18/18  (39)
lol NFL Divisional Playoffs down Twenty Three Million (23,000,000) Viewers    01/18/18  (38)
Rate my shoes/pants I am wearing today    01/18/18  (33)
*Gets shit pushed in by JULIA* *2 min later, makes a poast about her IQ*    01/18/18  (33)
rach this is scholarship pls delete my email from this list i'm sorry i'll never    01/18/18  (32)
RATE Prince William's new haircut    01/18/18  (32)
Is Kendra Sunderland the hottest girl in porn?    01/19/18  (32)
RSF meet me at the Chevys in Time Square you fat faggot    01/18/18  (31)
holy shit lmao @ urbanbaby.com    01/19/18  (29)
Can someone explain what makes daytrading difficult?    01/19/18  (27)
What iPhone should i buy? My old one is too slow    01/19/18  (25)
So why was "account suspended" after all?    01/19/18  (24)
Let's chill out and start a mxpx cover band    01/19/18  (23)
Childhood Friends daughter paying $200,000 to attend U of Utah out of state, LOL    01/19/18  (22)
Party of Five REBOOT: Family is Hispanic, parents not dead but DEPORTED    01/18/18  (22)
Dems force government shut down. Economy tanks. Dems blame Trump. Dems win    01/19/18  (22)
amazing BuzzFeed allegory on babe.net Aziz Ansari.    01/19/18  (21)
Is being OF COUNSEL at a BIG LAW FIRM a good gig?    01/18/18  (21)
Fucked my FIRST NEW PUSSY of 2018 last night. In a FFM THREESOME. WGWAG!    01/18/18  (20)
Big Dog 11 is a top poster    01/18/18  (20)
Wtf was with the Beatles and their Indian music phase    01/18/18  (20)
Rate this experts opinion on Trump/Mueller outcomes    01/18/18  (20)
taking a sabbatical is massively credited. taking/giving Qs    01/18/18  (20)
why do boomers live off of scheduling "meetings" & "calls"    01/18/18  (20)
Half a million DEAD    01/19/18  (19)
The bort really needs more Charlotte Casiraghi scholarship. Unngh    01/19/18  (19)
How do I get mod powers here?    01/19/18  (19)
I'll send .25 eth to anyone who creates a chrome extension to block RSF spam    01/19/18  (19)
UCLA frats ban alcohol parties:    01/18/18  (19)
Haitians barred from applying for visas for low-skilled work in U.S.    01/18/18  (19)
Working toward a world where that Grace and Aziz date no longer happens    01/19/18  (19)
Rate this Orange County white 20yo chick who works in sales NSFW    01/18/18  (19)
Is it CR to reduce 401k contributions in light of market peak and tax cut?    01/18/18  (19)
Bill Gates tried to raise a humble child. Looks like he failed like Microsoft    01/19/18  (18)
*one-hands iPhone X like a boss* *oafish iPhone 8+ havers simmer w/rage*    01/19/18  (18)