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Can we have a non-unhinged discussion re Cohens plea & trump    08/21/18  (110)
New 180 pic of my sWEET MUSTANG. Earl, show me your 40K exploding BMW, faggot    08/22/18  (71)
Michael Cohen about to bring down the presidency    08/21/18  (50)
Why not just make 200k, retire after 8 years, live EXACTLY like you make 40k    08/21/18  (38)
Dumb how the media is spinning Cohen plea as anything but a huge win for Trump    08/22/18  (30)
reminder: your deeply held political views make 0 impact in the real world    08/22/18  (27)
Teens love older guys with drugs    08/22/18  (24)
Cars I can't stand: Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger/Challenger, Chevy Camaro    08/21/18  (23)
Lawfare post up on Cohen and Manafort.    08/22/18  (20)
Rate this S. African politician quote    08/21/18  (19)
Law Students Are Betas, B-School Students Are Alphas    08/21/18  (19)
Mollie Tibbetts was pretty hot.    08/22/18  (18)
Is there any way of selling a suit I wore once?    08/21/18  (17)
Rating poasters as Asian NBA players    08/21/18  (17)
POLL: Maximum amount of pull ups YOU can do    08/22/18  (16)
Do you go through life with the heart of a child?    08/21/18  (16)
Did nyuug complete his mandatory military service or is he still "pwning cumskin    08/21/18  (16)
Gen X: only cr generation since WWII    08/22/18  (15)
So much of the U.S. economy is structured around fraud lmao    08/21/18  (15)
1 pitcher for Game 7 start. Any 2010s bro you'd take over 90s/early 00s bros?    08/21/18  (14)
Russia imposes full naval blockade on Ukraine    08/21/18  (14)
Tibbetts killer passed e-verify and worked for a GOP official    08/21/18  (13)
Facebook is done. Pull up the stakes    08/21/18  (13)
south african fiction "Disgrace" by J.M. Coetzee    08/21/18  (13)
lawman, why don't you go for the big game on here? try to convert some XO jews    08/21/18  (13)
Why so highly overeducated people have so much trouble making money?    08/21/18  (13)
How did Cooley grad make elite nyc connections anyway    08/22/18  (12)
IM CUMMING! *she pisses and shits all over you*    08/21/18  (12)
Kenny what' your go-to Xanax dosage before riding bigthunder mountain?    08/21/18  (11)
17 yo me would have fucked the shit out of Asia Argento    08/21/18  (11)
What does a 130k payment have to do with Russia collusion?    08/21/18  (11)
What is typical IQ of a person who spells lawyer synonym as Councel?    08/21/18  (11)
Xo Richie incognito! We need him back at Nebraska    08/21/18  (11)
DrakeMallard's FOB Chinese GF asking him why he's so angry today    08/22/18  (11)
LJL at how Man City is now a global franchise    08/22/18  (10)
Orthodox priests take 3 semesters of Byzantine music vocal lessons    08/21/18  (10)
Trump whittling away at draft of tweet RE Mollie Tibbetts    08/21/18  (10)
lying on a credit card application is punishable by 30 years in prison    08/22/18  (9)
hot new pua tactic: walk up to a girl and say "we're having sex. fact"    08/21/18  (9)
copped new oly bumpers and bar today    08/21/18  (9)
I got banned from Uber for calling the driver a Russian Slav who should be gasse    08/22/18  (9)
So paying off whores is "influencing an election"?    08/21/18  (9)
Frog and Toad Venn diagram    08/22/18  (8)
ProsBros will gov retry the ten counts or leave it alone    08/21/18  (8)
Crazy Rich Asians #1 at box office, Trump getting PWND    08/21/18  (8)
This "Mueller" bullshit needs to end now    08/22/18  (8)
who is the most intelligent board Trumpmo?    08/21/18  (8)
How many of you tonight would like to live closer to god?    08/21/18  (8)
Women voted based on Ovulation and relationship status    08/22/18  (7)
Star Wars was prescient AF re: TRUMP, Mueller, America    08/21/18  (7)