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Jcm is a 200 pound tatted 40 yr old Wells Fargo bank teller in Portland Maine    10/22/17  (82)
Suggest a 4 wheel drive car?    10/23/17  (67)
Jimmy Carter: Russian hacking is fake news, media are unhinged Trump haters    10/22/17  (47)
Senator warren describes her RAPE    10/22/17  (41)
the game is rigged any fem poaster can get 100+ poast threads w/ no effort    10/22/17  (35)
Terminator 1 is so superior to 2 it's ridiculous    10/22/17  (34)
JCM is yesterdays news, all about twentynine(the poaster) now    10/23/17  (27)
Chads tend to be kind    10/22/17  (26)
jews nigger/NOWAG-thread all day, circle wagons at slight hint of "antisemitism"    10/22/17  (23)
Israel has moral right to bomb Iran if US won't    10/22/17  (23)
That's it: I'm getting revenge on my former employer (Ted Cruz tp)    10/22/17  (22)
ITT: Poasters who have embarrassed themselves lately    10/22/17  (22)
Peterman have u been no poisonb    10/22/17  (18)
What is the most prestigious snack food?    10/22/17  (18)
CC Points mastermen: What can I use these Chase Sapphire Reserve points for?    10/22/17  (18)
Bumble BFF is the saddest thing Ive seen in a long time    10/22/17  (17)
Carnegie Mellon now dominating Putnam with white bros    10/22/17  (17)
Fucking Landcruisers MSRP for 85K? Wtf    10/23/17  (16)
Do reptile gun nuts defend Remingtons actions re self-firing gun recall?    10/22/17  (16)
I can't tell my pro-BLM law school buddy my core point about black people    10/23/17  (16)
Petition to BAN female posters    10/22/17  (16)
do you use "product" in your hair    10/23/17  (15)
Best econ phd specialization?    10/22/17  (15)
wtf is nandos peri peri? it looks horrible. just crappy french fries and chicken    10/22/17  (15)
I produce mind blowingly good content here and it rarely gets recognition.    10/22/17  (15)
My town just got a Hardy's and it is so fucking terrible.    10/23/17  (14)
Report: Benedict and Francis "in complete disagreement"    10/22/17  (14)
Chubby tatted chicks with hilariously large breasts    10/22/17  (14)
I saw a CHAD earlier today at the store with a SOUTHEAST Asian girl    10/22/17  (14)
how do you check your t levels    10/22/17  (13)
Is Calishitlawguru a flame?    10/22/17  (13)
why are 90 percent of you wagecucks so stressed and miserable?    10/22/17  (12)
Is having sex with trannies and fem twinks gay?    10/22/17  (12)
At least 54 Egyptian police killed in shootout with Islamic militants near Cairo    10/22/17  (12)
RSF is my out-of-breath dadboded slob boyfriend    10/22/17  (11)
Germany is getting everything it deserves    10/22/17  (11)
Going to meet black gf's family    10/22/17  (11)
Kenny when are we hanging out irl    10/22/17  (11)
RSF how is your writing career coming along?    10/22/17  (11)
biz idea: non-gay app "Bro's" to find dudes to chill w    10/22/17  (10)
mpa is my sexy brilliant xoxo boyfriend    10/22/17  (10)
Upcoming Hollywood pedo exposes are gonna make Weinstein look like a spa    10/22/17  (9)
I really miss college    10/22/17  (9)
Would you date a 17 year old girl if she looked like this? (Pic)    10/22/17  (9)
my dad is gen x lmao some of you fuckers are old as dirt    10/22/17  (9)
Is Carnegie Mellon prestigious ?    10/22/17  (9)
new poster, Doobs alt, taking questions    10/22/17  (9)
lol, average millenial "male" can produce 98 pounds of grip strength    10/22/17  (9)
Dealer fuck up cost me 100bb in poker game tonight.    10/23/17  (8)
lmao who modded this semi-toxic thread?    10/22/17  (8)